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Calsaar Cultural Initiative

Calsaar Cultural Initiative was formed to promote the culture of the minority ethnic groups of Uganda which are more than 12 in number. This has been evidenced by the documentation made by Community Development Resource Network about the Ethnic Minority Groups in a way to improve the lives of these tribes in the country.

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Why Choose Calsaar Cultural Initiative

We promote peoples love for their heritage and culture by involving them in their cultural practices

We promote and preserve oral accounts of the cultural practices from elders by capturing stories from elders in society.

We engage communities in improved agricultural practices/farming methods but maintaining indigenous breeds and methods of cultivation and management of gardens.

We engage youth in self-discovery of their culture and heritage and promoting youth talents.

Engaging youth in performances of art, music, dance and drama and playing of local musical instruments as a tool to communicate their culture.

We revamp and rebuild the culture of society by retracing their heritage


Membership of the Organization is open to any person residing in the Districts where we have activities in Uganda irrespective of tribe, sex, race, religion, creed, political belief and color for as long as he/she shall be of good repute, sound mind and meets all the requirements which qualify him/her to be a member and he/she is in agreement (obeys) with the rules and regulations of the Organization.

Calsaar Cultural Initiative

Self -awareness among youth and community

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We create and promote self -awareness among youth and community members in regards their health, personal development and sustainability of livelihood in societies.

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love for their heritage

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Community Mobilization
  • We mobilize communities in realizing their cultures and heritage in order to encourage them to utilize locally available resources through both improved mechanized agricultural practices, as well maintaining indigenous breeds and methods of agricultural practice.
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Calsaar Cultural Initiative

Women in agri-business activities

We engage women in agri-business activities and craft making to help empower them both in their communities and their families.


We empower members in the community on utilisation of locally available resources as a mode for them to develop income generating opportunities.